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A Salesforce Shortner

A Native URL Shortener Solution Without 3rd Party Integration. Currently Support Salesforce Campaign, CSV file upload to generate Short URLs with Real time tracking

Only Salesforce Native URL Shortner

This 100% native solution solves all of your URL shortening problems without leaving Salesforce. It provides option to create short URLs to share with your customers.


This beautiful word is real for this solution, You do not need to expend a single extra penny to use this solution.

Support For CSV File

Create bulk Short URLs using CSV files. You can create bulk short URLs, in thousands of numbers.

Tracking of Short Link Click

Tracking/Analytics regarding when and how they used your short URL. You will get Users OS/Device/Browser/IP Address/Referral Details etc.

Real Time

Short URLs creation and tracking are real-time. So you don't need to wait for any 3rd party solution to get Short URLs or tracking data.

No Salesforce Integration Expert Required

This is a 100% Salesforce Nativ application, So you don't need to hire any Salesforce Integration Expert to use this solution.

Screen Flow

This solution is very simple to use. We are using the Salesforce Lightning Design system so you will not find some new GUI concept to learn. No new learning curve. On the configuration page, you need to provide only 2 data to use this solution. The Short URLs creation part is simple 3 steps. 1- Provide Basic Data 2- Upload CSV file and map columns 3- Publish, when ready to use.

Lighting Screen Flow

Coming Soon/New Features...

We are improving this solution according to our expertise and your suggestions. Following are the main 3 features amongst others which are coming in our next version.

Salesforce Campaign Support

Now you can create short URLs for all of the members of Salesforce Campaign and track their progress.

Custom Component on detail page

This custom component can be used in any standard or custom object detail page. Add this component into the detail page and create short URLs and track their analytics on the same location.

Integration with your own use cases

We are working to provide option to integrate Shortify features in your business use cases using APEX as well as Salesforce Process Builder

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