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Native URL Shortener is our fist proud product which helps our clients to streamline their URL Shortening needs with a 100% Native Solution inside Salesforce. Simplify and enhance your marketing strategy and data security with our Salesforce-native URL shortener. Get started today and experience the convenience for yourself.

We support 8 data sources for Short URLs.

▶ Salesforce Campaign
▶ Salesforce Reports
▶ CSV File Upload
▶ Branded/Custom/User Friendly Link
▶ Widget (Salesforce Standard/Custom Object Detail page)
▶ Salesforce Flows
▶ Salesforce APEX
▶ REST Service

Only Salesforce Native URL Shortener

Introducing our revolutionary 100% native solution that puts an end to all your URL shortening woes, right within Salesforce. Say goodbye to external tools and enjoy the convenience of creating short URLs directly from our platform, allowing you to effortlessly share them with your valuable customers. Streamline your marketing efforts and enhance customer engagement with this powerful URL shortening solution.

Support For CSV File

Tap into the potential for scalability with our cutting-edge solution, allowing the easy creation of bulk Short URLs via CSV files. Streamline your workflow and save time by seamlessly processing thousands of URLs at once. Our platform efficiently generates a wide range of Short URLs to meet diverse marketing needs. Harness the power of bulk creation and elevate your campaigns to new heights!

Support for Salesforce No code- Low code

Experience unmatched convenience and flexibility using our user-friendly options for creating both single and bulk short URLs, even without any coding skills. We offer intuitive interfaces like our GUI, LWC widget, and Salesforce Subflow, making short URL generation effortless. If your needs are more complex, we've got you covered with globally exposed APEX methods and REST API for customization. Empower your team to excel, regardless of the task's complexity, with the tools we provide.

Tracking of customer response in real time

Access comprehensive insights into audience engagement through advanced tracking and analytics. Monitor short URL performance with precision, detailing usage patterns and timing. Gain deep insights into user behavior, including operating system, device, browser, IP address, and referral sources. Utilize this data to optimize marketing strategies and make informed decisions for impactful results. Stay ahead with our robust tracking and analytics capabilities.


Get ready to be impressed by the exquisite blend of practicality and cost-effectiveness in our freemium plan. Our groundbreaking solution allows you to fully experience its advantages without incurring any additional expenses. That's correct – with this solution, you can harness your potential and reach your objectives without stretching your budget. Discover the genuine value and explore endless possibilities, all without incurring extra costs.

Screen Flow

This solution is very simple to use. We are using the Salesforce Lightning Design system so you will not find some new GUI concept to learn. No new learning curve. On the configuration page, you need to provide only 2 data to use this solution. The Short URLs creation part is simple 3 steps. 1- Provide Basic Data 2- Upload CSV file and map columns 3- Publish, when ready to use.

Lighting Screen Flow

Coming Soon/New Features...

We are improving this solution according to our expertise and your suggestions. Following are the main 3 features amongst others which are coming in our next version.

Integration with 3rd party SMS services

Now you have the flexibility to utilize any SMS service provider of your choice to send SMS messages through the Shortify solution.

Support for Whatsapp message

Experience the unparalleled messaging capabilities of Salesforce Shortify, the world's leading messaging platform. With Shortify, you can seamlessly send messages to any user's WhatsApp number, connecting and engaging with your audience like never before.

Integration with your own use cases

We are working to provide option to integrate Shortify features in your business use cases using APEX as well as Salesforce Process Builder

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